About us

The Freauff Business Society is a group focused on the needs of modern businesses and business owners. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, the society is designed to help people in all areas of business overcome obstacles and find success. One of the unique things about the group is that it’s based entirely online. This opens up participation to anyone from anywhere who has an internet connection and an interest in business. This arrangement allows for the generation of different solutions to the common problems businesses face at every stage of their development and growth.

The concept of the Freauff Business Society is simple. Business professionals, entrepreneurs, accountants, engineers, enterprising peanut venders, retired business people, Fortune 500 company CEOs, or anyone else can apply to become part of the society. Members can state the problems or successes they’ve had with their businesses or ask for help overcoming a particular business challenge. Others affiliated with the Freauff Business Society post answers and suggestions. The desired result is a vibrant community of businesses-minded people growing together.

The Freauff Business Society can play other roles as well. The society can serve as a business incubator where people can have their business ideas vetted and receive help refining the concept and launching the business. Members of the society can also share information from their own area of expertise (Accounting, Marketing, Management, Information Technology, etc.)on particular problems members of or visitors to the Freauff Business Society are having. The society offers advice and guidance from business professionals that have faced similar problem and overcome them.

Businesses of any size can benefit from the information being shared by the Freauff Business Society. Members may discuss general topics like Finding Alternate Sources of Financing, The Keys To Success in Business, Why A Good CPA is as Important as a CEO, Business Opportunities In Asia(or anywhere else they become available), and How To Build A Business. Members can also share information about schemes and scams targeting businesses and how to avoid them, online business schools offering unique and insightful courses, or advice on leasing versus buying business vehicles.

The internet is one of the best communication tools ever devised. The Freauff Business Society is using that platform to allow business owners, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals to share their knowledge and receive information which can help them with their own businesses. If you have business related information to share, need help growing your business, are interested in business opportunities worldwide, or simply need a place where you can get business information and perspectives from experienced, reputable business people, the Freauff Business Society may be exactly what you need.

The Freauff Business Society is a font of business wisdom.