There are many sectors of society that help other people. When many people think of those sectors of the economy, many times they immediately think to health or to non profit work. However, businesses are a big part of society as well and serves a great purpose by meeting the demand of customers with their products and services. The Freauff Business Society is empowering individuals by providing shelter to those in need through Hats4Houses endorsed by the HIA.



Many people are interested in going in to business for themselves. However, the failure rate for first time businesses is quite high and this can serve to scare off people who would normally want to start a business. The more good businesses there are in a country the better the economy will be and the better the people’s needs will be met.

The Freauff Business Society provides consulting to all forms of business whether large or small and across all sectors of the economy. Whether a company is in the retail or manufacturing space, there are still core business principles that any business should follow in order to be profitable and grow.


The Freauff Business Society also provides several different services and start up packets for businesses in Australia. There are several important steps that any start up businesses need to take in order to maximize their chances of success in business. The Freauff Business Society seeks to be an outlet for questions and consulting services that any business, no matter how large or small, can come to the group and get assistance based on their past experiences. Overall, going in to business is a great way to serve the surrounding community and the people in it. Do not feel like you have to go at it alone, as the Freauff Business Society is here to help all Australian businesses.